Theme 29: Comfort

Theme 29: Comfort

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Remember-Bryan & Katie Torwalt 

“And oh my soul/ Remember who you’re talking to/ the only one who death bows to/ That’s the God who walks with you” 

Bright as the Sun-Hillsong Worship

Hope as brazen as mercy/ through the terrible night/ How You blaze through the darkness I fight/ Bright as the morning” 

Potter and Friend-Dante Bowe, Jesse Cline 

And all that was broke/ It won’t be broken after this/ No not after this/ And all that was dead/ Is finding life again and a true friend that so happened to be a potter/ Oh, hallelujah to the potter/ Who came and made me new” 

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)-Taylor Mosby

Right now we need You/ We can’t do it without You/ Right here, right now/ Someway, somehow” 

Situation-Jonathan McReynolds 

“I’m not asking for an outcome/ or praying for results/ I’m not hoping that it all goes/ Exactly how I want/ No, I’m not asking You to do it/ Or asking that You don’t/ I’m just inviting You to my situation”

Touch the Hem-William McDowell, Trinity Anderson

When you find it hard to see/ And all of the faith you have is weak/ When all you have is one last breath/ Jesus says, “reach out to me” 

You Got Me-Sam Rivera, Jeremiah Paltan & Saint James

“Because I know you’ll be there/ And I know you’ll always care/ You never leave me alone/ You always call me your own” 

Maker of the Moon- Elle Limebear

“I can feel your heartbeat beating/ I can hear my God is speaking/ King of creation, breathe upon me” 

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