Theme 28: Awakening

Theme 28: Awakening

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I Want to See You-Victoria Orenze 

I want to know Your ways/ I want to touch Your grace

Graves into Gardens-Elevation Worship, Brandon Lake

I searched the world/ but it couldn’t fill me/ Man’s empty praise and treasures that fade/ Are never enough/ Then You came along

Fragrance to Fire-Dunsin Oyekan

First it was fragrance/ then it turned to fire/ my worship is my weapon/ this is how I win my battle

Back to Life-Anthony Evans

I breathe out, confusion/ I breathe in, Your truth/ I breathe out, all my fear/ I breathe in, Your peace

Stir a Passion-Worship Central, Josh Gauton 

Stir a passion in my heart, God/ Let it overflow

God of Revival-Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson 

There’s no broken body You can’t raise/ No soul You can’t save

The darkest night/ You can light it up

The Blood -Naomi Raine, Dante Bowe 

The blood that streams down/ Lord let it shower

The blood that drips down and cleanses my soul/ the blood that stains me white as snow

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