Theme 14: Triumph

Theme 14: Triumph

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I Will Rise- Chris Tomlinson
“Jesus has overcome/ The victory is won”

See a Victory- Elevation Worship
“the God I serve only knows how to triumph”

There’s an Overflow- Sinach
“The glory of the latter is greater than the former”

Haven’t Seen It Yet-Danny Gokey
“He had the solution before you had the problem”

Won’t He Do It- Koryn Hawthorne
“ Won’t He Do it? He said He would. Fight your battles for you”

Victory Belong to Jesus-Todd Dulaney
“Who can stand against the Lord? / No one Can / No one will”

I Testify-Ada
“For my hand the Lord has exalted, He teaches me to prosper”

Made a Way- Travis Greene
“Don’t know how but You did it”


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