Theme 13: Heaven

Theme 13: Heaven

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Throne Room Song-People & Songs 

“The veil is torn and the doors fling wide/ I see glory as I run inside”

Most Beautiful/ So in Love-Maverick City Music

“With just one look/ Everything changes/I’m captivated/ I’ll never be the same

Feels Like Home- Israel Houghton 

“It feels like home/ Feels like I’m all the way back where I belong”

I Can Only Imagine-Tamela Mann

“I can only imagine/ Surrounded by Your glory/  What will my heart feel / Will I dance for you Jesus/ Or in awe of You be still”

One Thing (Live)-Hillsong Worship

“ Just one thing I ask and this I will seek/ If only to know You/ To be where You are and go where You lead/ My God I will follow”

Paradise-Sunday Service Choir 

“Oh, we knew life would be alright/ But who could have known it’d be this good? Oh Lord, It gets [better]/ Give your life to Christ, he’ll give you paradise”

Good to Be Home-Coco Jones 

“With reverence I enter this holy place/ A home that’s like no other full of mercy, love and grace”

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