Negative COVID tests, processed forms required by our home country, passports in bag. We had gone through our pandemic-proof travel checklist and had arrived at the airport safe and sound. “Thank God,” I muttered under my breath while saying thank you to the “safe travels” wishes from the cab driver. With the immense amount of stress leading up to the day of the trip caused by last-minute errands and side effects of the Booster shot, I was just happy to be on my way home, finally. I realized that my mini scale had stopped working right before I left for the airport so my brother and I did not weigh our bags; that was the only thing on my mind while standing on the never-ending check-in queue. I did not imagine anything else going wrong except our bags being overweight, and I took an empty carry-on just incase. Luckily, the extra hand luggage came in very handy. 

I got to the counter and the hostess asked for the credit card used to book the flight, comedic error number one. “Oh my sister booked the flights but we can get her on FaceTime and she can show you her credit card and her ID” I said not thinking anything of the situation. “I need to see the physical card.” “Can anything be done? my sister lives far away.” The woman shook her head, unyielding, almost cold. She gave me a paper and asked me to stand to the side and call the airline. There was really no time for that but I had no option so that’s what I did. One can argue that she was just doing her job but I later found out that there was a second option which she could have offered us without having to go through the airline. How did I find out about the second option? 

As I stood at the side, trying to get through to the airline, praying in the silence of my heart, trying not to panic at the prospect of missing my flight, the words of a sermon came to mind. I remember the preacher saying that in every situation, where there is opposition present, angels are also present and it is our duty to seek out the angels. Now, if you are new to faith and spirituality, the idea of angels may sound spooky but think of angels in this context as assistance, divine assistance. Once I remembered those words, I knew there was someone around that could help; I knew there someone that could provide some assistance. As I was scanning the row of check-in desks for a friendly face, I saw a woman walk in from the backdoor. I moved swiftly to her, explained my predicament and asked if anything could be done. She quickly presented the second option. She consulted her colleague and both of them favoured us, even overriding the second option and getting us sorted in record time. I called my brother who was still trying to get through to the airline (imagine if that was our only option, dear God) and told him we could proceed to security. His eyes lit up, he smiled, “What did you do??” “Don’t worry about it,” I replied, smiling back, knowing fully well that an angel had intervened for us. 

That experience taught me a very important lesson about handling unexpected situations. My natural disposition towards resistance of any kind is to cower in submission to the situation. “Maybe we’re not supposed to fly today then.” That’s the response I would have had if I did not think of that sermon about the presence of angels. I once heard in a different sermon that sometimes we’re waiting for God to move, meanwhile God is waiting for us to move. I am slowly learning that nothing takes God by surprise so if something unexpected happens, I should lean towards the one who is all-knowing, omni-present and can dispatch armies of angels to our aid. Sure enough, it’s possible that were were not supposed to fly that day and I would have been fine with that because I believe that God’s will is sovereign. Yet, that was not for me to decide without putting up a fight. There are always angels on guard and it’s our duty to seek them out, invite them in and partner with them. 


“I was ready to answer my people’s prayers but they did not pray. I was ready for them to find me, but they did not even try.”-Isaiah 65:1 

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”-Psalm 34:7

“You have angels assigned to your life, you are not by yourself.”-From The Mentality of Victory by Touré Roberts 


Today, we’re praying for everyone who has given up on their walk with God. May God give them a new heart for Him and restore their desire to walk with Him.

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