Before I left my room that morning, I said my prayers like I always do, but that day, the prayer was different. If Heaven had never heard of the career fair I was going for, they must have that day because that’s all I prayed about. My mother taught me to pray about everything so I threw in a cheeky “I want to look and feel good,” before I wrapped up and hurried out the door. One minute, I was wandering around the grounds of the event reciting my “elevator pitch” and asking more questions than I actually had and the next, I was trying to figure out why an older man who was not too far from me, was looking at me. He tried his best to not make it obvious but was not very good at that. When he came slightly closer, I said hello and casually asked why he was looking at me. “You look good,” he said with a calming combination of joviality and innocence, “How can I help you?” He had worked at Wells Fargo and other firms for decades and now dedicates his time to helping young people to navigate the often hazy road that is one’s career path. I told him my interests and he invited me to an event, where I would meet two young ambitious women who let me tap into their reservoir of resources.

Reflecting on what I was wearing that day, an all-black attire which consisted of pants and a long-sleeved ribbed top comes to mind, which I think is too nondescript to attract any special attention. I was also wearing this dark grey trench vest, outerwear I had got years ago from a store in London famed for its affordable prices. Truly, there was nothing special about the outfit. I think about this day very often and wonder why that man took to me. I believe in the efficacy of God’s favour so I definitely acknowledge that but also, I think about the prayer that I said. “I want to look and feel good,” is not a prayer you hear often but I felt the need to say it. I was not sure of what I was going to wear at a point, but when I saw that outfit, I felt the need to wear it. Some people call it your “gut” or your “instincts” and I think those things exist, but I also believe that in those moments when I “felt the need” to do those things, I was being directed by God’s spirit. The Holy Spirit was speaking.

The other day, I was having a bit of anxiety over whether or not I should go through with a plan. I sat on my bed battling uncertainty until I decided to text a friend to get her opinion. She shared her opinion but hedged it by encouraging me to pray about the venture before going through with it. When I saw her response, I heard a voice whisper to me, “You asked her before you asked me.” While I was at church a few hours later, I kept hearing, “The Holy Spirit is alive in you.” There is a connection between that encounter that I remain grateful for and those words that kept ringing in my ear the other day. When you need to make a decision that is important to you, who’s your go-to? I am thankful to have family and friends that I can always ask for advice but yesterday, God reminded me that He should be my first resort.  Be it what to wear to a job interview or whether or not to execute a plan, don’t be afraid to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help. “God, let your spirit guide me.” “Spirit of God, fall afresh on me.” “Holy Spirit, lead me.” These are all quick but inexplicably powerful prayers you can say when you’re not sure what path to take. Indecisiveness could have you running helter-skelter for answers but sometimes, only two words are needed; “Spirit, speak.” 


Today, we’re praying for young people everywhere. May God put us on paths that will lead us to Him. May this be a year of hope, healing and restoration for all of us.


“The human spirit fails, except when the Holy Spirit fills.”-Corrie Ten Boom

“The Spirit-filled life is not a special deluxe edition of Christianity. It is part and parcel of the total plan of God for His people.”-A.W Tozer

“The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you.”-John 14:26

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Sources(Quotes) : https://www.christianquotes.info/top-quotes/18-beautiful-quotes-holy-spirit/



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