Theme 34: Manifestation

Theme 34: Manifestation

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Carry Us Through-All Nations Music, Maranda Curtis

It is you O Lord who has saved our souls/ It is you O Lord who will carry us through

All Things-Christ Church Choir

You are working all things for my good/ When I can not see it/ God I still believe it

It is So-Elevation Worship

Even the worst of my mistakes/ Are miracles in the making

Movin’ On-Jonathan Mcreynolds, Mali Music 

I know my rear view/ Can’t compare to/ What God will do with my life

Prophesy My Promise- Bryan and Katie Torwalt 

When I only see in part/ I will prophesy your promise

This is My Season- Sinach  

This is your season/ It’s time to shine again

I Overcame- Ada Ehi

Declaring boldly, I’m born of God/ He said it’s finished/ My story’s written

While I’m Waiting- Travis Greene ft Chandler Moore 

While I’m waiting, I’m getting stronger/ My faith is rising and I will run on




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