I was approaching the elevator, on my way to get food, when I heard someone crying in the hallway. That was the second person I had heard crying in two days. I was afraid it was for the same reason and upon getting to the elevator and hearing a part of the discussion she was having with her friend, my fears were confirmed. I prayed in the silence of my heart, simply asking God to see how the pandemic is taking an emotional toll on people, simply asking Him to intervene. I arrived at the canteen, and while my pizza was in the oven, the cook struck a conversation with me. “How are you baby,” she asked sincerely. “I’m good, thank you.”  “How are you doing,” I asked out of courtesy, not anticipating a deep reply. “I’m good baby.” There are people who apathetically say they are good and there are people who actually mean it. Her countenance proved that in that moment, she belonged to the latter group. “I’ve left it in His hands. That’s what I do, I leave it in his hands,”  she said, shrugging, as if to physically show the ease with which she makes the decision to leave things in God’s hands. I went back to my room pondering upon her simple but powerful words to me and the word that came to me was “God’s peace is real.” I think God wanted the woman to say those words to me so that I could be reminded of the perfect peace that God gives. For a split-second I wondered why some were reflecting God’s peace in this season while others were very much on edge. I began to look inward to get an answer and I realised that for one to know God’s peace, one must connect with God and establish God as an anchor for their life. 


 In my first blog post of 2020, titled “Hand in Hand,” I referred to a flight that I was on, that scared me to the core. I remember being on that flight praying, but praying from a place of deep-seated panic.  If you look at Candle Culture Insta stories, you would know that I have not stopped talking about my hour-long morning prayer times, which I started in January. During that time, I meditate whilst listening to worship music, pray and then read my Bible. This prayer time has strengthened my connectivity with God, to say the least. Every morning, God renews my peace, contentment and trust in Him. I’m praying every other day concerning the pandemic-but contrary to just three months ago, I am praying from a place of utter peace. 


I was looking at Lauren London’s Insta stories the other day and I saw a few words that I’ll remember for a while. For anyone who does not know, the actress lost her partner and the father of her child last year after he was gunned down. “Tragedy and trauma has taught me that in times when it feels so dark, You must dig deep within. Connect with God, That’s the way.” Seeing these profound words served as a reminder that connecting with God is really the way to get by in life. Life is beyond us, too difficult for us to predict accurately or grasp fully, and if you are in doubt about that, let the first three months of 2020 be your evidence. We all need to seek and find God so that we have an anchor in this “one wild and precious life.”* To those being broken in this season, to those experiencing chaos within, abide in God’s presence; there, you’ll find fullness of peace.

Prayer Request

Today we’re praying about the current situation in our world and those being affected by the pandemic; for those under pressure to come up with solutions to the problem such as healthcare professionals, world leaders and researchers, for those whose mental health issues could be exacerbated in this time, for those living in fear and with worry, for the ill, for those who have lost their lives due to the virus and their loved ones, and for ourselves and our loved ones; May God be with us all. 

Bible Verse : “Do not be afraid, I am with you. I am your God, let nothing terrify you. I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.”- Isaiah 41: 10

*”one wild and precious life”-from The Summer Day by Mary Oliver.

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  1. I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across your Instagram page but I did something that is not in my habit; I looked at your bio and got to your blog page on IG and I was led here. I just want to say may God bless you exceedingly and abundantly above your imagination.

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