Theme 4: Praise

Theme 4: Praise

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Featuring the “African Giant” himself, Burna boy, American music veterans, Donnie McClurkin and Kanye West, and young talent from the U.K, CalledOut Music, today’s playlist offers an eclectic mix. I hope you are inspired the lyrics of each and every song. Enjoy xx

1.) Days of Elijah-Donnie Mclurkin
“There’s no God like Jehovah”

2.)What Mercy Did for Me-People & Songs ft Crystal Yates, Micah Tyler

“Lord, you found me, you healed me, you called me from the grave, you gave me your real love, I thank you Jesus”

3.)God is-Kanye West

“I know I won’t forget all He’s done, He’s the strength in this race that I run, Everytime I look up, I see God’s faithfulness”

4.) Hallelujah-Burna Boy

“So I had to take this time to be alone with you, Because all my blessings come from you”

5.)You Are the Reason-Mairo Ese

“You are the reason I’m alive today, I am here today, It’s all because of You”

6.) 10,000 Reasons/ What a Beautiful Name medley -Caleb and Kelsey

“Bless the Lord oh my soul, Worship His Holy name”

7.)God Like You-CalledOut Music

“I could go east, I could go west, But I know I’ll never find a God like You”
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