Theme 1: Loneliness

Sometime last month, Kim Kardashian was on “The View” and she talked about Kanye’s “Sunday Service”. She referred to his Sunday services as a “music ministry” which Kanye started as a way to “heal himself” and this comment got me thinking about the power of music. I decided to start this new section on the blog titled “Soulful Sundays” where I would be creating a 7-song-playlist every week with different themes such as loneliness, love, hope and fear, to mention a few. Christian music has had a tremendous impact on my life and I really hope it helps you too.


1.This is a Move-Brandon Lake
“Our hearts are set on You, come and do what You do, ‘cause we need a move”
2.Fighting For Me- Riley Clemmons
“When the going gets tough and my strength’s not enough, I see you showing up like never before”
3. Good Grace-Hillsong UNITED
“Take courage. Hold On. Be strong. Remember where our help comes from”
4. Scars-I am They
“So I’m thankful for the scars for without them, I wouldn’t know your heart”.
5. Highlands( Song of Ascent)-Hillsong United
“No less God within the Shadows, No less faithful when the night leads me astray”
6. Good and Loved-Travis Greene ft Steffany Gretzinger
“There’ll be times when you’re up, times when you’re down. Just look around and you’ll find Me. I’m by your side, arms open wide”
7.Surrounded-Michael W Smith
“It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You”

P.S 1. Follow Candle Culture on Instagram and share the playlists if you find them helpful. 2. If you don’t have Spotify, you can create it yourself on Apple Music, SoundCloud etc; I’ll provide the songs every week! Hope you’re doing okay xx

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