The whole time he was in Uni, he went to church two or three times and never really prayed except during exam season. After completing Uni, he moved back home and began his career in the music industry. He had his own house, his own money and was living life on his own terms. However, prayer was not a part of that life. On Sundays, he would go see his father who would ask him, “How was church?”, and he would respond with a lie, “Church was fine”. He eventually felt guilty for lying about Church so he started to actually go. He would go late and leave early; if he was going to go to Church, the experience had to be as short as possible. After a while, he stopped going, again. This back and forth spiritual journey was significantly interrupted when he suddenly felt the need to go back to Church. He felt that God had been good to him, yet he had not done much to foster a relationship with God so he wanted to make an attempt.

This attempt marked a turning point in his life as after talking to the priest that day, he felt different. It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders but it was more than that. There was a change in his vibe and he withdrew from people. He spent days thinking, still trying to make sense of the weird energy he was feeling. One morning, his friend who had accompanied him to Church called him. He found out that there had been a change in his friend’s life as well and his friend had started going to Church daily. During the course of this conversation, his ability to speak ceased. Tears started streaming down his face and his friend, realising that he needed a moment, ended the call. In a dramatic scene, his life flashed before his eyes and he heard a voice say, “Are you satisfied?” “Are you fulfilled?” In his words, it was as though he looked into his spirit upon hearing those words and he felt empty. His accomplishments, his house, everything meant nothing. At this point, he knelt down and asked God to take control of his life. He began life anew.


I was moved by this story in its entirety but what struck me the most was the part where he searched himself and felt empty. He was a successful artist with chart-topping singles and highly lucrative endorsement deals yet there was a lingering emptiness inside. It is easy to get caught up in trying to perfect the external that we forget about the internal. We spend time worrying about our looks, our money, our good grades, our social standing, or the lack of these things. Should we not spend more time working on what would actually matter in the end, on what is within us? The lyrics from the song “Pretty Hurts” sum it up perfectly, “It’s the soul that needs the surgery”. How’s your mind? How’s your heart? Are you fulfilled? Rather than only pursuing superficial things, pray for a sound mind, a pure heart, true joy and fulfilling days. Ask God to rid you of any emptiness, and make you full, whole and happy. The goal is to be rich in love, faith and peace. Pray for that rags to riches transformation where you become rich in the things that matter.
Prayer Request: Today we’re praying for everyone seeking a relationship with God. That God may reveal Himself to them in their own personal encounter with Him.

You should listen to these songs: Fill Me Up-Tasha Cobbs
Move To The Rhythm-CalledOut Music

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