Aside from my Mum, someone I really look up to is Stephen Curry. I admire him for many reasons: he is good at what he does, he is family oriented, and most importantly, he glorifies God with his work. 4 years ago, during his MVP speech, he said that he plays for and represents God. Anyone who knows of him knows that he is one of the greatest basketball players alive, and according to Wikipedia, he has been called ‘the greatest shooter in NBA history’. In my opinion, there’s a correlation between his excellence and the fact that he plays for God.

When you do something for God’s glory, it always turns out better. This is because God sees that your intention is to glorify Him so He gives you the grace to accomplish great things so that His name may be glorified. It’s great because you excel at life while the glory goes to God. Gabby Douglas (Gymnast) describes it as a ‘win-win situation’ where all the glory goes up to God, and all the blessings fall down on her.

Furthermore, living for God’s glory is a way of saying ‘thank you God for the life You have given me’. It is impossible to repay God for his goodness so we can never offer up any tangible item that would be sufficient to thank Him. What we can do is to ensure that the life He has given us is lived for His glory. My favourite line from ‘This God is Too Good’ by Nathaniel Bassey is ‘Don’t look too far to see how good he is, just look at me’. That really is the goal: for our lives to mirror the goodness and greatness of our God.

Whether you decide to pursue Music, Tech, Finance, Law, Media, Film, Sports, Engineering, Fashion & Beauty or whatever; you are going to achieve your goals. You are going to realise God’s plan for your life. Believe that. No matter how successful you become, always let people know that it’s God’s grace that got you there. Every opportunity you get, remind people that everything you’ve achieved and will ever achieve is God’s doing. Always point people to the bigger picture as Curry did when he said “There’s more to me than this jersey I wear and that’s Christ living inside of me”.

You should listen to these songs: For Your Glory-Tasha Cobbs

The Stand-Hillsong UNITED

Prayer Request: Today, we’re saying a prayer for everyone who has lost a parent. May God renew their strength and their comfort each day.



  1. Another inspiring and well written post. This is a familiar topic for me. My parents always preach about being humble and always giving glory and thanks to God. They taught me that I should always pray for God to use me to the greater glory of His name. May the Lord continue to inspire you, so you can continue to inspire us. Amen.


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