Hi! How are you? When was the last time someone asked you that very simple but necessary question? When was the last time you answered honestly? I know all too well about facades. Many times, we walk around with smiles and pretend that everything is going great, when in reality, things could be going better. Sometimes you feel on top of the world, and other times, you feel like the world is on top of you. It’s normal. It’s part of life. In these times what do I do? I pray for peace. I know that prayer is not the only solution to every problem but I believe it’s always one of the solutions.

Peace is the most beautiful feeling in the world; a perfect gift from God. I’ll never forget the words of a certain priest who said during a homily( a sermon) that peace is not the absence of troubles but the confidence in the fact that God is present even in the midst of our troubles. Thus, one of the easiest ways to find peace is by trusting wholly in God. I know in my heart that God can never leave me or forsake me so even when things seem bad, I remain calm. I know that no matter what the situation is, God is looking out for me so I trust in Him and His perfect ways.

Another way of finding peace is by simply asking for it. Talk to God. Ask Him for peace. Describe the situation to Him and say that you want peace of mind concerning it. Remember that God is capable of giving peace which surpasses all human understanding, so ask with faith believing that you have already received that peace.

Finally, listen to music. One of my favourite quotes ever is by Nietzsche and it reads “Without music, life would be a mistake”. I genuinely believe this is true. Music is one of the most powerful instruments of peace; it speaks to the soul. In those moments when you feel down or unsettled, and you feel alone in that feeling, let music be your companion. One of my favourite songs right now is “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle. Through her voice, I hear God telling me that He will send out an army in the middle of the darkest nights to find me. This army is God’s peace: powerful, unfailing and relentless.

You should listen to these:Rescue-Lauren Daigle
In Control-Hillsong (I always listen to the cover on Youtube by Becky Larry-Izamoje)
P E A C E-Hillsong Young& Free
It is Well-Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco
When the Fight Calls- Hillsong Young& Free
Prayer Request: Today we’re praying for God to grant true peace to everyone who is in dire need of it.

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