Love, Light, Christ


If there’s anything that has helped enrich my walk with God this year; it’s music. Music is  one of the most powerful tools by which we can connect with God and feel His presence. I’ve compiled an ever growing list of some of my favourite Christian songs for you. If you can’t get through everything, at least listen to the first few!! It’s worth mentioning at this point that after every Faith piece I write, I’ll recommend a song I think you should listen to. This is off topic but I’ll also leave a quote, and lastly, a prayer request so that we’re praying for people other than ourselves! (p.s if you have any prayer requests, let me know xx) ENJOY:

  1. To My Knees-Hillsong Young & Free
  2. Highs & Lows-Hillsong Young & Free
  3. Gracefully Broken-Tasha Cobbs
  4. When the Fight Calls-Hillsong Young & Free
  5. Known-Tauren Wells
  6. Stay and Wait Acoustic-Hillsong United (on Youtube)
  7. This God is too good-Nathaniel Bassey
  8. Speak The Name-Koryn Hawthorne

Quote: “I’d rather not live like there isn’t God then die and find out there really is. Think about it.”-Kendrick Lamar.

Prayer request: I ran into a woman today who lost her son a year ago( it really was the saddest encounter). Please say a prayer for her and for every parent who has lost a child. Ask God to renew their strength and peace of mind daily.

Sending love and light,