I have always believed that God has blessed each of us with gifts that we may in turn, bless the world. In other words, each of us is called to illuminate the world with our God-given light. The name “Candle Culture” is an expression of my belief that spreading light is and should be a way of life, and to me, spreading light means using one’s voice, talents or platform to impact others positively. Having discovered that God has given me a gift for words, I decided to create a blog where I hope to enlighten, encourage and inspire young people through written pieces.

Candle Culture is currently divided into four sections: “EverydayLiving”, “Soulful Sundays”, “Let’s Talk” and “Spotlight Series”.  Through “EverydayLiving”, the Faith part, I hope to help young people who are on a journey to reflecting God in their daily lives and share what I know concerning matters of Faith. I pray that the supplementary Faith category, “Soulful Sundays” adds to your life with the uplifting sounds organised into themed playlists. “Let’s Talk”,  the Inspiration + Opinion section, is dedicated to sharing thoughts on various topics and hopefully, inspiring readers. The goal of “Spotlight Series”, the Features + Conversations category,  is aimed at shedding light on people, causes, books and other picks that I think you may benefit from knowing about.

If you would like to collaborate in any way, have some suggestions or feedback to offer, or you just need someone to talk to, please reach out; I would love to hear from you:

Twitter & Instagram:@mycandleculture

Email: mycandleculture@gmail.com

I am super grateful to you for reading this and I hope everything is well with you .

All my love,

Candle Culture